Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Billy Cannon on Tim Tebow

The folks down at the Times-Picayune have plenty on their plate right about now, not just with the Sugar Bowl game itself, but with all the Urban Meyer intrigue and Tim Tebow's last hurrah (not to mention the Who Dats in fine fettle). They asked a bunch of people from the college football world to weigh in on Tebow. Here's one that stood out -- it's not about his character or his religion or his legacy, it's just about the guy as a football player. It comes from LSU's own Billy Cannon.

"I can say this without fail: Inside the 20-yard line, he has the greatest knack for getting into the end zone through physical ability since Paul Hornung, and I saw some of the great ones between Paul and Tim."

Click here for that and other hosannas. Nearby you'll also find Tebow's 10 defining moments (all 11 of them). -- RTR