Sunday, January 9, 2011

On every parade, a little Nicky must fall

Wouldn't you know it: Auburn's an hour of football away from its first national championship in 54 years, and now this.

And now Nick.

That's right, Alabama coach Nick Saban, the Anti-Christ of all things AU, is offering his take to the ESPN audience on Monday's championship game between Oregon and his biggest rival.

Despite Saban's credentials -- he's won two of the things, including last year's, and this year's Alabama team played Auburn off its feet for a half before losing -- some members of the Auburn family aren't happy about the coach's new role.

In fact, the criticism flowing up from East Alabama has been such that an ESPN spokesman felt it necessary to address it in this chat with Birmingham News columnist Kevin Scarbinsky.

To borrow a phrase from our intrepid Auburn poster J, Mr. Clinched Butt Cheeks may soon reveal that he has a highly active set of vocal chords. Woll Eagle.



Anonymous said...

Let Mr. Clinched Butt Cheeks blab all he wants. All I care about is a win.