Saturday, September 17, 2011

Who Ya Got? -- Week 3

Fair to middlin' lineup at the picture show this week ... maybe that's because for first time since I had hair, ACC football is making headlines. What with FSU going all in down to its last dime against Oklahoma, and with every team this side of the New England Patriots lining up to join the country's most distinguished gridiron coalition, who can look away?

In the meantime, the five-time defending champs will make its headlines with a few games that everyone seems to want to watch. The SEC is parochial that way. Wait, John Swofford's phone is ringing again. Must be Belichick.

Tennessee at Florida

Win a couple of games and the expectations grow. Throw in some extreme dislike and, presto, we have us here a ballgame. What used to be the early verdict on who would come out of the East, the Vols-Gators hatefest veered for most of this decade into the realm of irrelevancy. This one will be fun, if only to see whose eyeballs pop out first, Dooley or Muschamp? Take Dooley for the ocular comic effect, and Muschamp's defense for the win. Florida, 21-14.

Ole Miss at Vanderbilt

Nutts! Again! But not for long! 'Dores, 24-10

Auburn at Clemson

The Separated at Birth Bowl has Clemson fans still pondering the narrative arc that has taken them from a dropped end zone pass and a missed chip-shot field goal of beating the eventual national champions to almost being run out of Death Valley by the Wofford Terriers. The search for moral victories continues this week. Maybe Auburn's eagle will fly into Frank Howard's rock. Tigers (Alabama chapter) 42-21

North Texas at Alabama:

Everybody wearing a red jersey plays this week, and that includes the band. Tide, 42-7.

Coastal Carolina at Georgia
Moral-Schworal. Dawgs, 45-14.

Louisville at Kentucky

In the SEC's football solar system, Kentucky remains Pluto. What a dark, cold, distant place to be. Cards, 20-13

Navy at South Carolina

The visor could have grass stains after this one. South Carolina should win, will win. But Navy won't be coming to Columbia in their dress whites, and a Gamecock defense still trying to hold someone under five scores will have its hands full.
USC, 42-28.

Troy at Arkansas

On its state of Alabama itinerary, the Hogs get Mini Me this week. But Doctor Evil looms. Arkansas, 55-17.

EXPATS' Bonus Pick

Oklahoma at FSU: Unless the Seminole defense plays out of its mind, I'll take the experienced QB over the new guy. Patience, FSU fans, your time is coming quickly. But not quite yet. Sooners, 28-24.


EatEmAndSmile said...

Regarding: Troy at Arkansas

On its state of Alabama itinerary, the Hogs get Mini Me this week. But Doctor Evil looms. Arkansas, 55-17.

I thought little Nicky was the devil, not doctor evil.

Michael said...

EateEm: Under EXPATS bylaw, either allusion is acceptable.

From the Alabama perspective, only one outcome is.