Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vols pull off the Daily Double

Lane Kiffin. Bruce Pearl. NCAA violations.

There's a harmony here that's almost too perfect, but not so perfect that it can't be appreciated.

In the meantime, why does Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton still have a job?

'Nuff said.



Anonymous said...

Butch Davis. Dick Baddour. Holden Thorpe. NCAA violations. UNC-CHeat.

Anonymous said...

yep, but did UT have:

1. 5 players ruled permanently ineligible for accepting cash, meal, jewelry, trips, and gifts?

2. A dozen or so players found to have cheated on tests/papers in an academic fraud scandal

3. An assistant/coach recruiting other players across the country for an agent

4. An assistant coach/recruiting coordinator, #2 in command accepting $40,000 at a time from said agent

5. A drug mule agent/runner in the locker room and giving gifts to players

6. Another sports (baseball) with a documented case of academic fraud (fact) and possibly more sports involved

7. A Head Coach that hired the tutor as a personal nanny. Dont think Jim Calhoun did such a thing?

8. The payment of said nanny in question not released

9. Over 20 lawyers representing everyone involved in the case against the NCAA

10. 9 media entities suing UNC over parking ticket records, release of multiple tutor information, names, dates , records.

11. 9 media entities suing UNC over the records of John Blake and Butch Davis. Email, Phone, text records.

12. Had a strength coach resign. Had 4 defensive line coaches in 5 months. Force a man to resign/get fired Art Chansky whom had written best selling books on unc basketball. Don't think this has happened at UT.

UNC-CHeat is going to get hammered.

J said...

Let's leave UNC-CH out of this. This is a post criticizing Tennessee, or Rocky Bottom, as I like to call it.

And Tennessee has had something that no other university in the world can match - hood-rat football players that try to beat up and rob a student and use a Prius as a getaway car.

MG - to answer your question about Hamilton, I theorize that Pat Summit has some incriminating information about the UT President that she is using as blackmail to keep her buddy Bruce coaching the men's team.