Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Greatest plays ever? Let's hear 'em

After reading about the death of N.C. State's Lorenzo Charles, got to wondering about the best plays ever in SEC annals, and the players that will forever be associated with those moments. Because I'm still on my first cup of coffee (and because no one ever accused this of being the thinking fan's blog), I didn't get much further than Billy Cannon's Halloween run (LSU-Ole Miss, 1959) and Barry Krauss' one-man goal-line stand (Alabama-Penn State, 1979 Sugar Bowl). What else should be on the short list?

-- R. Trentham Roberts

UPDATE: Thanks to a couple of comments from Anons, we would do well to consider "Run, Lindsay, Run!" (Georgia-Florida, 1980) and Herschel Walker barreling over Bill Bates (Georgia-Tennessee, 1980, Walker's first college TD).

And the Always-Right Rev. Gordon informs me that, when all is said and done, it was the 2nd-down stop by Alabama's Don McNeal that may well have been the defining moment of the goal-line stand. See for yourself.


Anonymous said...

It kills me to say this as a Florida fan, but...Run Lindsay Run in (I believe) 1980.

rtr said...

Anon, if it'll ease your pain after 30+ years, here's a Facebook page devoted to the greatest plays (all sports) in UF history:

Anonymous said...

herschel running over bates was pretty good!

J said...

Come on Trent, help me rub some salt in Gordon's 39-year-old wounds that haven't healed.

Punt, 'Bama, punt!

Don't know if I could pick one of the two; they come as a set. Without those 2 blocked punts, 'Bama shuts Auburn out, since we only had about 100 total yards of offense all day.

I am not a big fan of putting recent events in an all-time list. Ask me this question in 15 years, and I'll list the winning scores in the last 2 Iron Bowls with the all-timers - Upchurch's TD with a minute to go in '09 (the closest I have ever come to literally puking due to a football game), and Cam's pass with 2 to go in '10.

John said...

It's "Run, Lindsay, run!" Not even close.

rtr said...

J, don't think that wasn't mentioned yesterday during MG's 2-minute dissertation drill on Iron Bowl highs and heartaches.

Alex said...

Bo over the top.

Anonymous said...

George Teague ripping the ball from Miami receiver in 1993 Sugar Bowl.

Michael said...

J, it was 80 yards not 100.

And David Langer, the recipient of BobBill's -- or was it BillBob's -- blocks, claims two spots on the SEC's All-Maggot Team.

Speaking of salt: Let me add two teaspoons:

Stabler's run in the mud in the '67 Iron Bowl, and, of course, The Kick in '85.