Sunday, December 11, 2011

Early look at 2012

New teams. New schedule. But what to make of the teams?

Jess Nicholas of offers these predictions on the 2012 SEC season.

Trending upward: LSU, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi State and Vandy. Trending down: Arkansas, South Carolina, Auburn, Tennessee and, gulp, Alabama.

The Newbies? Nicholas puts Missouri and Texas A&M among the down arrows. As Dean Wormer might have put it, That's no way to start life in a new conference, son.

Read more of Nicholas' thoughts, ratcheer.



EatEmAndSmile said...

The author of the article on is an idiot. Arkansas trending down? The offense just reloads with receivers. Plus they have all of their key running backs next year. His prediction of Tyler Wilson going pro a year early just goes to show you that he is making this stuff up.

LSU and Bama both have to come to Arkansas in 2012. The West will be Arkansas' to lose. WPS

Anonymous said...

I assume the Auburn trending down grade is a result of losing Gus to the Ar-Kansas St head coaching job. But isn't it a little too early to talk about 2012? How about at least waiting until signing day. There are some seriously great closers in this conference that get major stars the day before - especially Georgia and the 2 coaches in Alabama.

So go ahead and rank all you want. Wake me up in February.

Anonymous said...

Is Florida trending upward because Weiss left for KU?

UGA has 17 STARTERS returning.

At least LSU will have late round draft picks.