Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday morning readings

* From The New York Times, a breakdown of Nick Saban's and Les Miles' salaries. (Make sure you check the graphics). Click here.

* Least forgiving headline of the day, from al.com: "Georgia rolls over and plays dead in Outback Bowl." Click here.

* From the Orlando Sentinel, coverage of South Carolina's school-record 11th win in the Capital One Bowl. Click here.

* From ESPN's Big Ten Blog, game wrap-ups and impressions of Monday's 1-4 league showing. Click here.


Anonymous said...

The Big Ten stinks it up in the bowls? This barely qualifies as news.

And why were those two 6-6 teams end up in a 1/1 bowl (the Urban Bowl)?

Speaking of bowl recaps, I wish I had Gene Chizik's cell phone number so I could give him a big "I told you so" - as in, I told you that as long as Barrett Trotter has real receivers, he can be the Auburn QB! Yeah, I know it's only an ACC team we ripped, but to me it proved that Trotter got a raw deal when he got benched while all our WRs were hurt.