Monday, April 19, 2010

UGA loses Mettenberger; maybe gains Butler's LeMay?

So I go away for a few days of leisure and while I'm gone, Mark Richt kicked the guy who might be his best quarterback off the team.

Zach Mettenberger threw two TDs in the Georgia spring game, but was arrested last month outside a bar in south Georgia on several charges, including underage consumption of alcohol. (If your last name ends in -berger, it might not be a good idea to go bar-hopping in Georgia.)

So now UGA has just two QBs left on the roster: Logan Gray, who looks (and plays) more like a fullback, and Aaron Murray, a redshirt freshman (and top-shelf recruit) who may or may not be able to see over the top of his linemen. Murray is listed at 6-1, but former UGA star David Pollack said on Twitter the other day that Murray might not even be 5-11.

If he can play at all, he'll have a lot of toys -- UGA brings back every other offensive starter, including all-galactic wideout A.J. Green.

In the Silver Lining Dept.: Mettenberger getting cut loose might open the door for Butler High's Christian LeMay, who has named the Dawgs as one of his top choices, along with Auburn and Clemson. LeMay's dad says UGA is now "even more attractive."

Young man, a bit of advice. Head down to Auburn and Clemson on a random spring Tuesday sometime. Then do the same thing in Athens. I'm pretty sure your decision will be easy then.

-- Tommy T.


JD Harris (Great American) said...

Clemson = Auburn with a lake

J said...

Nah, Auburn's much better for LeMay. He can red-shirt his freshman year, learn from our QB who will be a senior that year, then he can lead us to 4 Iron Bowl wins, perhaps a national championship and be the most accomplished Auburn QB of all time.

WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drew Beaver said...

SEC Expats

Bringing (BIASED) football supremacy to basketball country.

If you're going to try to bring your boy to UGA please do it on your own time and not on the Observer website. Any neutral reader knows LeMay will flourish in Auburn, they are on the rise as opposed to your dogs.

Anonymous said...

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q. brown said...

I don't believe there are to many young man as gifted as this guy. Its what he does in the class room, and how he carries himself in public that i believe is so important. That's why i was shocked when i seen him at the VTO Combine. He might be 6'1". Body reflects not spending a lot of time in the gym. Whatever school he chooses he will be surrounded by kids, with equal or better talent. Lets not give him a starting job before he gets there?

Michael said...

To all my Auburn and Georgia friends . . . Get all the recruits that you can. In the end, yourins will be coached by Chizricht. Alabama's will be coached by Nick Saban.

Mr. Tomlinson's woofing aside, until CNS retires, Tuscaloosa is the most beautiful place in the country to play.