Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tonight on TV: Auburn under the microscope UPDATED

"Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" (HBO, 10 p.m.) takes a look at big-time college athletics. Click here for a partial transcript (courtesy of where former Auburn players talk about football and money, not necessarily in that order.

Here's more on tonight's program from the lead reporter, Andrea Kremer, courtesy of


Anonymous said...

I dont know how any of that can be changed from the agents to boosters to coaches. Hopefully, the athletes dont get too carried away with the perks and keep sight of his goals outside of football.

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Jimfavreur said...

It is always about the money. Players can say its about the game, and how much they love it but if you asked them to be paid less, I wonder what they would say. The world revolves around money. Without it, you can't get those shiny new microscope parts you were looking at or that brand new car you want.