Friday, May 20, 2011

The latest from Co-Dependent U

In searching for a film reference to discuss the latest on Steve Spurrier's enmeshment with quarterback Stephen Garcia, the best I can come up with is a combination of "Brokeback Mountain" and a film noir version of "When Harry Met Sally."

We'll call it "When Stevie Met Stevie."

And yes, the most memorable line in our new movie doesn't change. "I wish I could quit you!"

That's the point, Spurrier and Garcia obviously can't -- no matter how far Garcia goes to unconsciously sabotage the relationship.

Which explains why The Visor seems on the verge of again welcoming his Prodigalest Son back to the huddle.

Seemingly aware that he's past the point of merely embarrassing himself, Spurrier can't quite commit to Garcia's return, thus the probably/maybe grope for some sort of coaching dignity. But who's he kidding. Garcia has already done enough to be thrown off of every football team south of Columbus, Ohio. Hell, he'd qualified for that merit badge before taking his first snap as an incoming freshman.

Has bygones being bygones become an eternal proposition in Columbia? Let's just say that Spurrier may have his last best chance at a championship team this season, but he needs a quarterback. Garcia, who's rap sheet is far longer than his list of accomplishments, is the best he's got.

The worst he's got too.



J said...


Hey, I know what Garcia should be doing this fall - being maintenance man at Florida Field making sure the plumbing is functioning correctly for JaJuan Story.

Doesn't matter who TOBC has at QB. The most recent national champs will happily introduce whoever lines up behind center to the dirt underneath the Williams-Bryce stadium turf the 1st of October.

Michael said...

Bold talk, J Man, given how many new faces you'll have in the lineup.

TOBC gets to watch them daily, but after the last several screw-ups, I'm really surprised he told Garcia adios and just christened Shaw as the starter.

Garcia better be awfully popular with his teammates or this one could backfire.

Anonymous said...

Cam Newton is a queer according to sources

Anonymous said...

SC will win this year, and make you look like a fool for writing this stupid blog.