Monday, June 6, 2011

By the numbers: SEC spring meetings, etc.

25 -- number of recruits that SEC teams can sign starting next year, after school presidents and chancellors voted to reduce the number from 28. More about that from the scribes at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Montgomery Advertiser and and Gamecock Central.

18.3 -- in millions, the amount each SEC school will get from revenue sharing this year. Click here for the breakdown.

0 -- number of tickets remaining for the LSU-Oregon game at Cowboys Stadium on Sept. 3. Click here for more on the sellout.

And if that's not enough reading for a Monday morning, click here for the Birmingham News' spring football preview and here for a look at what Tennessee is spending on recruiting services.


Anonymous said...

Interesting reading. The Atlanta guy thinks the SEC is the worst entity on Earth and the Montgomery, lizzard and chicken writers think it's no big deal.

I'm enjoying all these predictions that Auburn has turned into Vanderbilt. We still have the best 1-2 punch at RB in the conference, and plenty of stud recruits. And no one has ever heard of our QBs, so therefore they have to suck, right? I think we'll be fine. I am not at all sold on Ar-Kansas. As for The Evil Empire, they might only give up 80 points for the whole year, but they are also full of question marks on offense. Maybe Auburn wins the Iron Bowl this year 7-6.

Less than 3 months til kickoff. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...