Monday, November 21, 2011

A 1 and a 2 and a 3

So LSU and Alabama and Arkansas sit stop all the polls (go here to see 'em). Full disclosure: I'm old enough to remember when the Big 3 of the Big 8 led the way in 1971. It was all so simple then: Nebraska beat everybody. First was the 35-31 Thanksgiving classic over Oklahoma, then the 38-6 mauling of Alabama in the Orange Bowl, one of just a dozen bowl games. (And as proof that a final poll is never really final, we bring you, where author James Vautravers takes another look at the rankings and does some repair work. Here is his take on the 1971 season.) -- R. Trentham Roberts


Michael said...

RTR, how is it that Nebraska supposedly played 13 games that year?

rtr said...

Glad you asked, Michael. The Huskers squeezed in a trip to Hawaii between Thanksgiving and New Year's. Here's their season sked: