Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Good seats still available (especially at $6,000 per)

Checked in on StubHub just to see what the going rate was for Saturday night ducats. They range from $300 for a spot in the corner of the end zone to $6,000 for the rarefied air of the Ivory Club. Or you could just go to eBay and spend 9 bucks on 2 ticket stubs from 1997. (And you get a picture of the band to boot!)

-- RTR


Anonymous said...

I can imagine the conversation...

'BAMA FAN: Honey, got a bonus at work today!

MRS. 'BAMA FAN: Great! What we gonna do with it?

'BAMA FAN: We can get 3 tickets to the LSU game.

MRS. 'BAMA FAN: Why only 3? There are 4 of us.

'BAMA FAN: Well, they're gettin' sorta picky about shoes at the stadium. Ya walk in there with a youngin that ain't got no shoes, they commence to fussin' at ya and makin' fun of ya and stuff.

MRS. 'BAMA FAN: Which of the 2 kids doesn't get to go?

'BAMA FAN: I don't think Peggy Sue cares about football none, so let's have her spend the weekend with your Mama. We'll take Jimmy-Joe-Bill-Bob and get him some shoes on the way to the game.

MRS. 'BAMA FAN: OK, it's settled. How early do we have to get there to see Bear come out of the tunnel?

'BAMA FAN: Honey, we done been through this. Bear's gone.

MRS. 'BAMA FAN: Oh, that's right, you did tell me that.

Anonymous said...

I do not really care for Bama, but the above dialogue is the dumbest post I have ever read. Geez, go back to Jersey.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 7:21, I'm from Ohio. And I'm an Auburn guy. Just having a little fun at 'Bama's expense. Relax.