Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Alabama 21, LSU 0: The morning after

Truth be told, once the game settled into a rhythm -- you know, field goal for Alabama, 3 and out for LSU -- I started flipping back and forth between the game and "The Andromeda Strain," where an entire town is wiped out except for a crying baby and an old drunk who likes his Sterno. Kinda like Baton Rouge this morning.

Funny thing ... way back in September I picked LSU to win the SEC but not the national championship. Right and right, though I didn't quite figure on it playing out like this.

FYI, the image above is from the movie, though it could double as 'Bama's defensive playbook. -- R. Trentham Roberts


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Anonymous said...

Being the unapologetic Auburn shill that I am, I was disgusted by last night's game. I root for 'Bama to lose their spring scrimmage game. That being said, 'Bama proved to be the national champ. They deserve it. And unless Chizik and Co. prove to be the best closers in history, 'Bama is going to trample Auburn in recruiting and I'll have to relive this nightmare at least twice in the next 4 years.

Two questions remain: 1) How many national championships will 'Bama claim for last night's win? I predict 3, 1 for each poll they ended #1 in. 2) Will the Occupy movement recruit an Occupy sect in Louisiana to go deficate on the Bryant and Saban statues?