Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bad system or not, we have a deserving champion

The BCS is about to be pulled off the respirator. The strange amalgam of profit motive, computer dweebiness and institutional corruption has one more year before it goes in the ground.


But don't for a second think that the flaws in the system overshadow the verdict delivered on the field Monday night.

Alabama won its second championship in three years by routing LSU, a 21-0 sleeper hold that did little for TV ratings, but put this team and coach Nick Saban in the record books. AP voters who had threatened a revolt to bring about a split championship largely fell into line. The Tide's domination gave them little choice.

And yet the Occupy BCS critics, though in far fewer numbers, were back waving their signs this morning, choosing once again to concentrate on the flaws of a system rather than the superiority of a particular team in college football's winner-takes-all stage.

Alabama was that good. In November, the Tide exposed the one flaw in LSU's arsenal -- the lack of a balanced offense. This time they fully exploited it. When LSU couldn't run, quarterback Jordan Jefferson had no hope of consistently throwing the ball down the field. It would have taken a big play -- Alabama's extraordinary defense gave the Tigers no air to breathe -- or a transformational mistake -- unlike November, the Tide was not in a giving mood -- for the tide, so to speak, to change.

Next season, Alabama and LSU will contend for the last BCS title. Alabama will lose key players across what might be the best college defense of all time. LSU needs to find a quarterback. If it does, the Tigers will be awfully hard to beat.

But so will Alabama, and Arkansas, and Florida and Georgia, and Texas A&M on the road, and on and on and on. It's the SEC, after all. Big Boy stuff. And whatever the new system, that's not likely to change.



Bama Brother said...

Nothing to add to that other than a resounding, "Here! Here!"

Anonymous said...

I really hate Alabama. Like that does me any good. And the complete domination they are doing in recruiting this year makes it even worse. Oh, well, at least there will be little reason to invest in cases of Maalox, as 'Bama will win 4 Iron Bowls and at least 1 more national title in the next 4 years. But I'd better invest heavily in Pepto Bismol. At least we no longer have Ted Roof to botch the defense. So we'll only lose the Iron Bowls 31-14 instead of 42-14. Roll Tide. Ugh.

Michael said...

J, I know how hard that was to write.

You're growing before our eyes.


Bama Brother said...

Had to share this comment from an LSU fan website:

"This game was so boring. How boring was it?

I switched over to an Australian cricket match.

I read a CNN article about investing in annuities.

I tweeted Kim Kardashian.

I painted a wall in my kitchen and watched it dry.

I called my doctor and asked if eating grass renders you incapable of making good decisions under pressure.

Later tonight, I'll kneel beside my bed and pray for Miles to go before I sleep."

Anonymous said...

If you weren't a GRIT..this was tooooo boring to watch......LSU offense was dreadful..and Bama offense was so so, at best ....YAWN !!!!

Anonymous said...

Last year was nothing but some lying scammer thief pay for play one shot wonder from Auburn who went on to play for some loser criminal outfit in the NFL.

At least you got a real legitmate NCAA Champ and not a crooked CHEAT who didnt pay for their crimes either !!!

Mike said...

Yes, Alabama dominated a team with no offense, but a schedule that includes wins over Kent State, North Texas, Georgia Southern outside the SEC, bottom feeding Vandy, Miss, Miss State and Tennessee in conference--only quality wins were Penn State, who turns out to be mediocre, Auburn (very mediocre) and Arkansas (great record with equally lame schedule) did not deserve to be in championship game. Don't tell me they only lost to LSU--Clemson could have played that schedule and only lost to LSU. Yes, the SEC is the best conference, but no Georgia, no SC on Schedule? OSU would have run away from LSU--and I am no fan of theirs, just telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:20 - please take the following steps to heal yourself:

1) Stop talking to Harvey Updyke. Not only is he clouding your judgment, he'll start calling you collect when he gets to jail.
2) See a doctor.
3) Zoloft. Paxil. Lexapro. Prozac. Ask for one.
4) Get some sleep.

Bud said...
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Bud said...

The Bama defense versus LSU played the best game I've ever seen a college team play. But I need to talk about UGA now that everything is said and done (not that anybody cares). We played 4 teams this year that finished in the top 25 and lost to all of them. We played 10 teams not ranked in the top 25 and beat all of them. This year's greatness was smoke and mirrors. I saw some guy on ESPN this week talking about next year's top 5 in the nation and he had UGA # 3. You know what that means? It means the UGA fans are going to be more disappointed next year than they have been for the past 3. The Dawgs may be # 3 on paper with 15 starters returning but Mark Richt and his coaching staff are not capable of winning the SEC, much less finishing 3rd nationally. I'm ready to fire Richt today if we could convince Kirby Smart, Bama defensive coordinator and UGA alum, to be our head coach. But it ain't gonna happen because the UGA Athletic Director and the UGA President have fallen for Richt's smoke and mirrors season hook line and sinker.

Bama Brother said...

Joe Strauss is the lead baseball writer for the St. Louis Post Dispatch, but football surfaces in his baseball chats, and I imagine we'll see more, with an SEC slant, in the months ahead.

Slip Kid: Joe
That was an anti-climatic BCS title game the other night. Surely Okie State with their high powered offense could have dented the end zone at least once against the Tide. Maybe even given them more of a battle then the vaunted Tigers did, what say you?
Joe Strauss: I say two offenses that looked pedestrian against one another Monday would have put up a pinball score against the OK State defense. A two touchdown outcome, at least. To me, Stanford outclassed the Okies. The Cardinal just forgot to win the game. 'Bama-LSU was big boy football. LSU's defense played very well also. However, Bama's dominance deprived the game of electricity.