Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bama-Boise, 1-2. Or vice versa.

A little light reading before game time ...

You won't find a better breakdown of all the FBS teams -- that's EVERY team, all 120 of them -- than Paul Myerberg over at http://www.presnapread.com/ .

And to borrow from the great Casey Kasem, "He's almost at number one." All the teams are accounted for except Alabama and Boise State. We'll know soon enough. (Tuesday night update: Boise State at No. 2.)

Side note: The single most read preview belongs to the No. 73 team in the land ... Mississippi State. When asked about this curious phenomenon, Myerberg tweeted, and I quote, Credit goes to the rabid fans and @kyleveazey. Nebraska coming strong. (Kyle Veazey blogs about the Bulldogs at http://blogs.clarionledger.com/msu/).

-- R. Trentham Roberts


Anonymous said...

Got to call you on the carpet Trent. Casey Kasem is not dead. He's old as dirt, but he's alive.

R. Trentham Roberts said...

Ack - I stand (and blog) corrected.