Thursday, November 3, 2011

Honey badgers, Chinese Bandits and 200 pounds of alligator meat

Continuing with items that have no bearing whatsoever on the big game:

* Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana took to the Senate floor Wednesday to talk up the game and his team. Story and video from The Washington Post here.

* Go here for a version of "Chinese Bandits" from the rock band Better Than Ezra, from their new LSU-themed record "Death Valley." (More info from the band's website here.)

* Pregame activities include a bid to make the world's largest pot of gumbo. Go here for the details.


Anonymous said...

The gumbo is certainly for a good cause. Not a bad idea - get the 'Bama fans all full of food so they won't cheer as loud.

Michael said...

Not cheer so loud? Somebody will have to spray the stadium with quaalude gas for that

MichaelProcton said...

Michael: Looks like LSU figured out a good way to do it on their own. Crying is WAY quieter than shaking pom-poms.