Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bama-Duke: an early take

OK, so the most pressing questions might be this: Will Alabama nose out Clemson for the largest ticket margin ever for a visiting school at Wallace Wade Outdoor Stadium?

Odds say they will. The Crimson Armada, the slew of RVs that track the Tide on its road games, is already steaming toward Durham. Scores of Alabama fans bought Duke season tickets this year solely to lock up a seat for Saturday.

What they might see is an actual game. UA alum David Cutcliffe will be slinging the ball around like a street corner gambler slings dice. And Alabama's defensive backfield, not exactly a weakness in the first too games, has definitely not been a strength either.

On the other hand, Alabama could score 60 against Duke's D, and with the return of Mark Ingram and Marcel Dareus, the final margin -- emphasis on final -- shouldn't be particularly close. Just expect plenty of excitement along the way.

Here's Jess Nicholas' take from Tidefans.com



Anonymous said...

I will definitely be watching. There will be so many overalls and straw sticking out of teeth among the fans that the Duke brass will be scrambling around trying to figure out why the Alabama State Fair is being held in Durham NC at a football stadium.

I am looking forward to seeing Duke's offense against a real (in other words, non-ACC) defense. And Gordon's laments about his team's defense ring hollow.

Should be an entertaining afternoon - a good first course before the dinner of yet another ACC team wilting in the face of superior competition. WAR EAGLE!