Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One more take on Bama's D

The easy take is that Alabama really tightened up against Ryan Mallett and the Hogs in The Tide's 24-20 comeback.

But is it true? In part, according to this link, but Alabama still had major breakdowns. Not that the defense didn't make some plays, but so did Arkansas, and theirs were bad. Mallett made three atrocious throws and Hog receivers had three clear drops that stopped drives.

Most importantly, the Alabama offense limited Mallett to four possessions in the entire second half.

Check the link for a play-by-play breakdown. It offers details at a geek-level, and on this board, that's a compliment.



Anonymous said...

LSU fans smell like corn dogs

poker affiliate resource said...

If Mallett would have played a solid 2nd half, Arkansas would have won the game and he would be the leading contender for the Heisman Trophy. A couple bad passes cost him both, and potentially hurt his draft status.

Michael said...

If pigs had wings, they could fly. But they'd throw it even worse.