Thursday, September 9, 2010

Auburn-MSU: Who you got?

Ahh, sweet Thursday-night SEC football... a nice appetizer before the main course of Saturday games.*

*Note to diners -- The highly-popular entree "A.J. Green" is off the menu until further notice.

Tonight it's Auburn traveling to Starkville (a/k/a America's Favorite Vacation Spot) to face Mississippi State. As you might remember, these two combined for the 3-2 game (otherwise known as the Ugly Bowl) two years ago. Who you got?

Peter St. Onge: Auburn 48, Mississippi State 45: You know those no-defense Saturday ACC games that take four hours and preempt our beloved SEC on CBS broadcast? This is one of those, with cowbells. The question to be answered: Was Auburn's defense strategically vanilla last week against Arkansas State, or was it swiss-cheesing like 2009 all over again? Probably a little bit of both, but Cam and Co. pull this one out.

Trent Roberts: It's 2008 all over again. Times ten. Auburn 30, Mississippi State 20.

Tommy Tomlinson: Somebody's got to stand up for the honor of the Magnolia State this year. And apparently it ain't gonna be Ole Miss. Mississippi State 27, Auburn 19.

Back on Friday with weekend picks... as always, add your own in the comments.

-- Tommy T.


Anonymous said...

OK, I'll just put in my diatribe on tonight and all the rest tomorrow...

Questions for tonight:

Is Auburn’s defense as bad as last year? Probably.

Is either offense as good as they looked against weak opening opponents? Probably not.

Auburn’s developing 3-headed tailback monster is promising. It was amazing to watch Fannin catch that second TD pass from a wide-angle camera that, despite every effort, could not capture an image of a defender at any point in the play. Even Jake Delhomme could have hit that one. Despite the quality of opponent, level of giddy down on the plains over Cam Newton continues upward.

The Bulldogs are now the best team in their state without question, but that’s not quite enough yet.

WAR EAGLE 34, Misipi St 31