Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Fall of the Troy

Good recap from LA Times at how the arrogance of the USC Athletic Department brought out the big guns from the NCAA.

A particularly interesting detail: former coach Pete Carroll's goal of building a program in which everybody "was coming after you."

Sound familiar? In fact, that's eerily similar to Lane Kiffin's response to the "hostessgate" scandal during his one year brush fire at Tennessee.

Nice to see the USC program in good hands. We wish them all the best.

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Anonymous said...

You seem to be very happy about the fall of USC. Why don't you check their record against your beloved SEC - I think it will put your own arrogant and stupid attitude in perspective.

Michael said...

That's not really the point now, is it?

The facts are the facts. USC showed unprecedented arrogance in its dealings with the NCAA and suffered the consequences.

If it makes you feel better, there is an SEC parallel . . . Alabama, by some accounts, tried to Big Dog investigators from the NCAA back in the early 90s. As a result, its first probation ever was a doozie. Alabama appealed and got the penalties lessened, and a UA compliance officer took home an awfully big check after he sued the NCAA for defamation. Still, most folks now believe cooperating with the investigation is the only sane route to take.

In USC's case, its backhanding of the NCAA extended to its hiring of Romper Room, who deserted Knoxville about the time the NCAA came chugging up the river.

As always, we wish Lane well in all his endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous,

First off, no need to be so angry.

I take as much delight in this as Gordon does. It's as much about Lane Kiffin as anything else. He has a mouth that his actions don't back up. He has a ridiculous sense of entitlement and thinks he's better than everyone else. Monty ought to put him over his knee, big time.

USC does deserve to be ridiculed for their arrogance, no matter who the current coach is. But the fact that the loud-mouth punk Kiffin is their coach is icing on the cake.

Unlike Godon, I do not wish Kiffin well in any of his endeavors.