Monday, September 13, 2010

FCS over FBS: Six and counting

Ole Miss has company. Lots of company. Only a couple of weeks into the season and we're already looking at 6 FCS wins over FBS teams:

* Jacksonville State 49, Ole Miss 48
* North Dakota State 6, Kansas 3
* James Madison 21, Virginia Tech 16
* Gardner-Webb 38, Akron 37
* Liberty 27, Ball State 23
* South Dakota 41, Minnesota 38

This Saturday it's Furman (24th, FCS poll) at South Carolina (13th, AP poll). Just sayin'.

-- R. Trentham Roberts


Anonymous said...

I guess the Fightin' Chickens aren't alone in the "beware" category. Auburn's playing Clempson, another... oh, wait, somebody said the ACC is still in FBS. Well, they shouldn't be.

Other lessons from week 2:

-Auburn & Misipi St both pulled a nice Jeckyl & Hyde. Both lit it up in week 1 and both went completely impotent in the second half against each other. Both their games in week 3 should be interesting.
-Vandy is completely hopeless. Well, we knew that already, but each week is providing more evidence.
-I wonder who's doing all the recruiting and coaching in Columbia while allowing the appearance that Spurrier is doing it? Run down your throats and play stifling defense? This ain't TOBC.
-'Bama's defense is still lights-out. This is not good.
-That week 4 Kentucky-Florida game is going to be VERY interesting if Cobb can play like this once they get in conference.