Friday, September 10, 2010

Week 2: Who ya got?

Ho-hum, another uneventful week in SEC football...

UGA stud receiver A.J. Green gets nailed for selling his game-worn jersey. (Feel free to stick your NCAA-is-a-bunch-of-idjits rant here... we're too tired. But we agree.)

Tennessee coach Derek Dooley thinks the really important flaw in his team is a lack of "shower discipline." (I'm pretty sure they still show "Shower Discipline" late at night on Showtime.)

Admiral Ackbar is still hopeful.

And we have three strong games to chew on. To the picks!

Tommy T.:
Georgia at South Carolina: Hey, these are my picks, so my Dawgs come first. Unfortunately, I don't see a happy ending here -- this UGA team doesn't look strong enough to win without its best player. And after watching Florida last week, the Gamecocks have to think the SEC East is there for the taking. In fact, the winner of this game might take it. USC 21, UGA 18.

Penn State at Alabama: I'm still feeling the whiff of disaster around this Alabama team (disaster meaning, like, three losses). This time, they escape. But it's coming. Bama 27, Paternos 17.

Oregon at Tennessee: Now that UT has their showering technique squared away, all they need to work on is offense, defense and special teams. They'll need more work after Saturday. Ducks 33, Vols 17.

LSU at Vanderbilt: You know I want to pick Vandy here. You know I can't. LSU 28, Vandy 24.

South Florida at Florida: If THIS one is close deep in the second half, hide the torches at the Home Depots in Central Florida. Gators 24, South Florida 13.

Arkansas 56, La.-Monroe 13

Ole Miss 28, Tulane 10

Kentucky 38, Akron 3


Alabama 24, Penn State 7: Tuscaloosa not a happy place for young QBs to visit.

Oregon 42, Tennessee 13:
Statement game for the Ducks.

South Carolina 17, Georgia 14

LSU 34, Vandy 17

Arkansas 42, La. Monroe 21

Ole Miss 37, Tulane 7

Florida 17, South Florida 13

Kentucky 34, Akron 13


Anonymous said...

What kind of mindless sheep is man?

He is the kind of mindless sheep that picks up a hobby, such as watching SEC football. He then becomes so obsessed with it that when it is unavailable, he pines away for the season where he can again enjoy his passion. And then when it comes, he sits in front of his TV, in a complete stupor, and watches Louisiana-Lafayette vs Georgia, Kentucky vs Louisville, and Ar-Kansas State vs Auburn, all in a row, from opening kickoff to final gun. He then stumbles to bed to hear his loving wife say, “I think you need to see a head doctor.” Not to worry, he says, all is well in this cranium. And sure enough, by Tuesday morning he’s back to his normal self. The loving wife shrugs it off, knowing that the same stupidity that overtook him over the weekend will strike again Saturday morning, with not only the original (SEC) illness returning, but also will have a second (NFL) strain of the illness to deal with.

Or is that just in my house?

On to the week 2 picks:

Penn State at 'Bama – I will root for JoePa & Co, as any decent Auburn fan would. But something tells me the true freshman QB will do something true freshman-like and ‘Bama will take advantage. The Evil Empire 27, Penn St 14

Georgia at South Carolina – I’m not sure if this game will prove that either QB is any good. I think they both are, but I think SC has a little more on defense. Fightin’ Chickens 24, Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 21

South Florida at Florida – another inferior opponent to be smothered by Florida’s defense while the offense continues its search for a clue. Florida 31, USF 10

Oregon at Tennessee – Anticipating their second straight blowout, the Ducks will announce they will change uniforms every time they score a touchdown. They have just enough road uni combos to cover this one. Ducks 49, Vols 21

Louisiana-Monroe at Ar-Kansas – UL-M continues its SEC tour to fund its entire athletic department. Ar-Kansas 42, Cajuns 3

LSU at Vanderbilt – Everyone watches to see if Les Miles stops calling real football plays with a big lead again. LSU 42, Vandy 7

Western Kentucky at Kentucky – did anyone else find the term “Wild-Cobb” annoying? At least the player is fun to watch. Kentucky-Lexington 42, Kentucky-Bowling Green 7

Misipi at Tulane – What Ron Green Jr. would call the “who cares game of the week.” Take some extra aspirin for that hangover. Misipi 28, TOO-Lane 27

Last week’s record: 11-1