Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Urban Adieu Part II

Urban Meyer has UN-unretired at the University of Florida.

According to Gator Zone, a Florida fan site, the Florida head coach first spoke about his possible departure with his boss over the weekend and finalized the plan on Tuesday. Meyer has spoken to his team, and will hold a press conference at 5 this afternoon to discuss his decision.

The Gator Zone story quotes Meyer as citing the demands of the job over his 25-year career as the reason for his departure. Here's the link.

The Florida coach retired last year, citing health and family concerns, the day after his team got pounded by Alabama in the SEC Championship Game. Meyer unretired a day later. But this season, despite a load of returning starters and the consensus No. 1 recruiting class, the Gators again were deep-fried by The Tide. They were also beaten at home by LSU, Mississippi State and South Carolina, then pummeled by Florida State in the season finale.

In short, Meyer, who even for a football coach has an unnatural aversion to losing, has suffered more lopsided losses in one year than the rest of his distinguished head coaching career combined.

There's already speculation on what he'll do next, including some online chatter that he could be a candidate for the vacant Denver Broncos job, where he would be reunited with his former quarterback, Tim Tebow. With Tebow on the roster, Meyer and Florida won two national championships in three years.



Anonymous said...

Myers bailing on Florida? It's probably just another Urban myth!

joelo said...

time for a little Urban renewal for the Panthers...if you catch my drift!

Anonymous said...

Urban is a scared baby.His retirement/unretirement has nothing to do with a bad heart,but has EVERYTHING TO DO with losing.Funny how he never mentioned his health while he was winning with tim tebow!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dig it, a Mike Gordon sighting!

The timing of his health issues and retirements do strangely coincide with the crashing of his team, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. I wish he'd stay on one more year, so he could feel the joy of getting pummeled by Auburn.

If they offer the job to Dan Mullen, he should run away. Fast. I use the same reasoning as when David Cutcliffe was offered the Vols job last year - why go to a playce where you get barbequed for anything less than a national championship when you can be worshipped for 8 or 9 wins?

Michael said...
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Michael said...

J, Amazingly we disagree.

The Golden Triangle of Easter Mississippi has its attributes. As far as Eastern Mississippi goes, it's not a bad triangle.

But at Florida, he gets better players, better TV times, better dental care and a whole lot better paycheck.

Bigger expectatioans? Sure. But Mullen is a natural and will win wherever he is.

Besides the schedule gets easier: Vandy, Kentucky and GEORGIA!!! every year.