Thursday, December 23, 2010

Due to a Pryor engagement . . . TOSU star and teammates suspended for five games next year

An unfortunate tattoo is the least of the worries for Terrelle Pryor and The Ohio State University.

The NCAA today suspended the Buckeye quarterback and some of his teammates for receiving illegal benefits -- i.e. the sale of uniforms, shoes and other equipment.

The penalty: Pryor and the other Bucks must sit out the first five games of next year. The impact: Suddenly, TOSU needs a quarterback. Now that the NCAA has virtually cut his senior season in half, it's hard to imagine Pryor returning to Columbus.

Oddly enough, the players ARE eligible for the Sugar Bowl matchup with Arkansas -- not because the NCAA caved to lobbying by the Sugar Bowl or the networks, but because the NCAA says TOSU didn't adequately teach its players to know right from wrong. The school promises to do better. We know it will. After all, this is THE Ohio State.

Besides, given that the NCAA allowed Auburn's Cam Newton to play after his father tried to sell him to at least one school, we can understand the ethical confusion. Read more.



J said...

"The NCAA reasoned TOSU didn't do a good enough job explaining the difference between right and wrong. The school promises to do better from here on out. We know they will."

Of course they will. Rumor has it that A.J. Green has been hired as a consultant to teach an ethics class to new recruits on how to PROPERLY sell their stuff.