Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cam: "I did it the right way."

ESPN has posted story based on Cam Newton's sitdown with the network's college football anchor Chris Fowler.

In it, he says he is innocent of any wrongdoing in his recruitment and that he chose Auburn not for money, but because it was the best fit.



Anonymous said...

Ummmm... LIE! The right way wouldn't have gotten you kicked out of Univ. Florida for cheating.

Who does he think he has fooled?

He cheated. His family enabled it and cheated. Auburn has unprovingly cheated.

He is talented, but has the smirk of the devil. He's guilty as #@&$!

Idlewild said...

No doubt his father is culpable in all of this but Cam had no idea what was going on. He is a talented player with a bright future in the NFL.

Bzat said...

I think Cam knew SOMETHING was going on, but he and his dad knew it was best for him to not know about it. I think the same thing was going on with the head coach and whomever Cecil Newton was talking to. That way, both Cam and Chizek can have plausible deniability.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:37 - you are the type of person I was ranting about yesterday. Just because Kenny Rogers says Cam knew everything from the jump, Cam and Auburn are liars and cheaters, and when they deny it, that just makes them bigger liars and cheaters, right?

Let me refresh your memory on a few things:

1) Kenny Rogers played at Misipi St in the '80s, and was a total nobody. Twenty years later he is still a nobody, and he decided he could make a good living being an agent for high school football players. His official mission statement says he "acts as a matching service between prospective college players and colleges" - in other words, a high school player agent. He's no better a person than anyone in the Chicago mafia; a true slug if ever there was one.

2) Cecil Newton is a preacher that ministers to a congregation that is struggling mightily financially. Their building has been falling apart for years. How do you fix this? By following the Jim Bakker/Anthony Jinwright model - steal some money for yourself. Conveniently, he has a son that was in need of a college, and his favorite just happened to be the college where the slug Kenny Rogers went to school. "Hey, Kenny," Cecil says. "My boy loves the Misipi St coach. Let's see if we can get some big cash out of this." The scheme is born.

Bzat - I am also getting sick of all the statements that it is not possible for Cam to not know anything about this. Really? Did Cam and Cecil spend every waking moment in the same place for 3 months? When you were 20, did you spend every waking moment with your parents?

I'm sure that every one of us can list dozens of things we did as kids that, to this day, our parents have no clue about. I'm sure every one of us could be presented with a list of things our parents did while we were kids that we know nothing about. So why is it so impossible in so many minds that Cecil could have cooked this up on his own to get his own big payday? He's just another one of those hanger-on parents who think that if the kid gets rich, I should get rich too. I guarantee when Cam signs his signing bonus next spring Cecil will be right there with his fat hand out.

Michael said...


Your closing, again, is superb. One niggling question: Does it ring true to you, as Cam said in his Sports Illustrated profile, that he had nothing to do with where he would go to college? That he had turned that decision completely over to his dad?

That still doesn't ring true to me.

Anonymous said...

MG - True, that is the one major inconsistency. Either he changed the story between SI and ESPN, or one of the reporters has a serious ear wax buildup problem. Don't know which is which. I think, with no scientific evidence whatsoever to back it up, that the SI account is true, and the ESPN story is a CYA move in case Cecil gets charged with a crime and Cam needs to distance himself, at least publicly.