Thursday, April 21, 2011

Talking land-fill quality trash about the SEC

The article from Bill King's Junkyard Blog is fairly run-of-the-mill: Is Mark Richt under the gun?

Given that he's coming off two mediocre years -- and given that Georgia fans have the most inflated sense of place in the entire self-inflated SEC -- of course he is.

Yet the real fun here is the responses on Pick any subject, anyone at all that's related to college football, then find a safe vantage point to watch. Georgia fans pile in all over themselves. Ga. Tech fans move in like heckling hyenas. The racket draws in big-mouths from Florida, Alabama, Auburn and Tennessee. Even a few Big 10 folks, who are always more than willing to set the Southerners straight, join in.

Some of it's civil. Most of it is not. And there's not a better place online to read all that's wrong and right with the SEC. See what you think.


Anonymous said...

While I have always found the sense of entitlement to SEC titles of Big Ol' Hairy Dawg fans fascinating, I disagree that they are the worst at this. That dishonor belongs to the rubes at Rocky Bottom. They were broght down a couple pegs by the Prius getaway car and last year's pitiful team, but they take the cake when it comes to believing that the SEC title should be theirs, by gawd, because they believe themselves to be superior life forms to students and fans of other institutions. In actuality, their uniform color should result in a lifetime ban from BCS games.