Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Never on Sunday: Slive speaks out about oversigning, ethics and controlling agents

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive sat down with the Mobile Press-Register for a Q&A on the issues facing college football and the SEC.

Among Slive's comments:

The league is studying the oversigning controversy from all sides.

Players shouldn't be paid a salary but maybe the "full cost of a college education" needs redefining.

The SEC hasn't considered moving to Sunday, should the NFL lose games to its lockout.

Read the transcript here.


J said...

As far as playing on Sundays goes, that would only work if you knew the entire NFL season was going to be wiped out. Suppose the start of the season is approaching with no agreement, you move the SEC games to Sundays, then in week 4 there's a settlement and the NFL games come back? I suppose you could just go back to Saturdays, but the logisitcs could get sticky. Personally, I'm fine with watching college games from morning til midnight on Saturdays if the NFL loses the season. Half the time, SEC games are better than pro games anyway.

J said...

Did anyone see ESPN College Football Live the other day, when they started revealing their preseason top 25? After disclosing that Auburn was ranked 23rd, worldwide-revered philosopher Jesse Palmer said that with 16 starters gone and a much tougher schedule, 6 wins and a bowl appearance (not win, but appearance) would be a good season for Auburn.


Breaking it down, he must think we're going to lose every road game on the schedule, and also lose to The Evil Empire. Sorry, Jesse, we're not losing at Clempson or at the men's correctional facility in Athens, GA. Ain't gonna happen. With the talent remaining from last year and the new talent coming in, 9-3 and a 1/1 bowl is a reasonable expectation.

Just goes to show that if you are a quarterback and enroll at the school in Gainsville, FL, your brains begin slowly leaking out of your ears, and 4 years later your head is little more than a hat hanger. No wonder Cam got into so much trouble. Lucky for him, he got out.

Anonymous said...

The SEC talking about ethics??? What a joke. If it wasn't for Vanderbilt the SEC would just be a jail cell for college athletes