Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fulmer Cup winner doesn't rebuild, it reloads

The Georgia Bulldogs, who last year had far more success breaking the law than they did the goal line, provided a little insight in how they ran away with the prestigious Fulmer Cup: They apparently recruit for that just as hard as they do for their team.

Consider this little gem on Seven UGA players reported items stolen out of their lockers this week. The Athens, Ga., police chief says three warrants have been issued for the suspects whom he says were on a RECRUITING TRIP!! to the Georgia campus when the thefts allegedly occurred.

The Fulmer Cup, named after former Tennessee head coach and practicing bail bondsman Phil Fulmer, is awarded each year to the team with the most arrests. Auburn is the early leader for 2011, with four of its players arrested this spring on armed robbery charges.

But as with all champions, Georgia sent out signs this week that it doesn't intend to simply hand the cup over to anyone -- unless a pawn shop offers the right price, that is.



Anonymous said...

Hey, they may be a couple of UGA recruits but sounds like Auburn commitments.