Thursday, April 14, 2011

It wasn't THAT good of a game

Once, in a weak moment that has become family lore, my twin brother and I -- joined by another bro and my old man-- put my late mom under bathroom arrest for several hours because when she entered the WC, the fortunes of the 1975 Sugar Bowl swung decidedly in Alabama's favor.

We can laugh about that now, sort of, based on what transpired in Texas.

A point of twin clarity: When Alabama beat Penn State in '75, my mother was freed, greeted with a glass of wine and given full credit for her role in the win.

Maybe the Texas duo had money on Oregon.


J said...


I got nothing.


MG, where did you find this??????????

Michael said...

We're a newspaper, J. You know, 'All the news that ... doesn't make you recycle your grape nuts, but sometimes comes awfully close.'