Saturday, April 16, 2011

Death Race 2011

At the risk of carbon-dating myself ... again ... Does anyone remember that weird Star Trek episode with those two guys in mirror-twin harlequin costumes battling through the centuries?

Jon Solomon of the Birmingham News picks up that thread and applies it, of course, to Alabama and Auburn.

It's been a stormy offseason in the 100 Years War between the last two national champions, with bloody recruiting battles and back-and-forths over real and imagine NCAA violations.

The whole thing has gotten a little old -- which was the point Gene Roddenbery was trying to make more than 40 years ago. Solomon takes it from there.



J said...

I try to take everything from the Birmingham News with a grain of salt - the paper is as inundated with crimson shills as the Charlotte Observer is with UNC-CH shills - but that was good reading. The Hollywood Squares analogy was great. And it is quite sad how the lunatic fringe is taking over this rivalry. It also re-inforces how utterly out of touch and clueless are the people who think the Earth spins on its axis based on the UNC-CH-Duke rivalry, which remains nothing more than two 4-year-old girls arguing over the possession of a Barbie doll in comparison.

I don't know how the reasonable people - the ones who are content to heap verbal and written abuse of the rival, and leave it at that - re-take control of this rivalry, but we have to find a way. Maybe 20-30-year jail terms for the tree poisoner and the fool who is sure to deficate on the Nick Saban statue in retaliation....