Thursday, July 28, 2011

All Tennessee, all morning long

We're all about customer service here at the Expats. In a comment on yesterday's post, one of our many Anonymouses (Anonymi?) pointed out that we lack a resident zealot when it comes to the Vols. All too true, so in the true spirit of short-term, no-guilt rectification, we bring you the following bullet points.

* Tennessee's search for a new AD goes on, as 1) LSU pays what it takes to keep Joe Alleva (story from The Tennessean here) and 2) Rep. Heath Shuler says he's running for re-election (story from USA Today here).
* The latest on UT's case before the NCAA (story from The Chattanooga Times Free Press here.)
* Click here for a season preview -- spoiler alert, 7-5 -- from the Sporting News. (We welcome relatively level-headed prognostications; send us your links.)
* And a final note: Even if this season doesn't pan out, you can always fall back on wedded bliss: "UT Psychologists Find Thinner Wives Could Be Key To Happy Marriage." Story here.

-- RTR


SECfan said...

LOL I was the nut who asked, and you guys came through! Thanks for giving us Vols a little coverage....I take back half of the nasty things I said about ya'll. Except to MG, only because he's a bammer!

Anonymous said...

Vols should go after some UNC recruits

bfbowers said...

A list of UT Rapid Reports from CBS - gives a pretty condensed set of updates/commentary on the goings on of UT. Great for a quick update on all thats going on!