Thursday, July 21, 2011

Is Mark Richt climbing into the toaster oven?

Mark Richt always looks cool . . . cool hair, cool tan, cool shades, cool demeanor. But no coach in the SEC, with the possible exception of the Right Reverend in Oxford, will be walking on as many coals in the coming weeks.

Yet, the AJC's Mark Bradley finds room for optimism . . . fine quarterback, fine tight end, improving defense and THE DREAM TEAM, Richt's haul of instate studs who one Bulldog senior says could include seven or eight starters. Bradley thinks Georgia will win the SEC East.


Upon closer examination: Georgia lost A.J. Green, and has no one returning who has shown the consistent ability to catch the ball, much less replace the finest receiver in UGA history.

Georgia lost its best defensive player to the NFL draft. USC transfer Jarvis Jones, the supposed answer at linebacker, is the subject of an NCAA investigation. The offensive line, mediocre when intact, is no longer intact. Meanwhile, Georgia is shedding tailbacks like a magnolia drops leaves.

Which brings us to this: UGA's first two games are against Boise State and South Carolina. Let's check back on the Dawgs going into Week 3. If the team is already relying on Dream Teamers, the Georgia season will be trending nightmarish, and Richt will be counting down the days.



Anonymous said...

The fact that 7 or 8 new guys could start shows you how this team will be....terrible.