Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SEC Media Days Stupidest Questions: Day 1

Inevitably, when there are 100+ reporters involved in any given situation, there will be those questions that make you cringe.

Though Day 1 was pretty tame, there were some that didn't need to be asked. Here are four of the worst questions from Day 1 of the 2011 SEC Media Days:

Florida's new head coach Will Muschamp was asked what it was like to see former Florida head coach Urban Meyer's daughter as a member of the media at Media Days.
He replied, "Yeah, I think Nicki is doing an intern there with FOX, I believe. It was good to see her in one of these rooms we were in."

Muschamp, who is a former Georgia player, was also asked what it felt like to be a Georgia guy coaching at Florida.
"I'm a Florida guy," was all he said to that.

Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino was asked if he considered the 2010 season a 10- or 11-win season since Ohio State vacated the Sugar Bowl win.
"It's a 10-win season," he answered. "We were 10-3. We have every chance in the world to win that game. We got beat on the field."

This question was addressed to Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen. This question wasn't the question itself that's so ridiculous. It's the phrasing and third person referencing that made it seem awkward:
Question: If you could go back in time and talk to Dan when he took the job, what lessons that you've learned would you tell that person?
Mullen actually gave a really long answer to this one, but it started with: "You know, I don't know. I think the lessons that you learn are what makes you who you are today."

--Laura Owens


christopher davis said...


We filmed and edited this video at last year's Media Days. Please enjoy and if you absolutely can't resist posting it on your site, then so be it.

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