Thursday, July 21, 2011

SEC Media Days Stupidest Questions: Day 2

Day 2 provided a little more comedy with the questions, but there still hasn’t been anything too outrageous. I only pulled two questions from today.

            For Georgia’s opening game against Boise State in the Georgia Dome, the Bulldogs will be sporting Nike Pro Combat jerseys. Georgia head coach Mark Richt was asked about using black jerseys as a motivation tool and what his stance was on jersey changes.
            “Well, I think the jersey change is a great idea if you win, and I think it’s a bad idea if you lose,” he said.
            He also added later: “Is that thing going to help us win the game? I can promise you it won’t win the game for us because I think Boise State is going to be wearing some of theirs, too.”
            Side note: Anyone else remember Georgia’s blackout against Alabama in 2008? Didn’t work too well.

This year, the week before the Iron Bowl, Auburn plays Samford, a small school in Birmingham. Auburn head coach Gene Chizik was asked if he might look into scheduling in-state games with schools like UAB, Samford and South Alabama to keep the money in-state.
            “We’ll do what we think at the time is best for Auburn,” Chizik replied. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be something that’s in-state, but it’s good to be able to play some of the regional teams here, certainly the in-state teams.”

--Laura Owens