Monday, December 28, 2009

Change of heart, change of life

Urban Meyer's about face has been out for 18 hours, but this is still the best thing I've found on the Florida coach's personal dilemma: doing the thing that he loves more than life in a life-changing way.

The comments of his wife and father are quite illuminating, especially the former. Meyer announced Saturday he needs to spend more time with his family. Yet his wife and kids were among the last to know of his change of heart.

Meyer's old man is right: Change is hard, particularly changing the very things that brought approval from a demanding father, and fame and riches from an insatiable public. The coach may find that to be a far more confounding task than winning the SEC East.

Your thoughts?



Anonymous said...

"It was Saturday night when Meyer opened up to New York Times reporter Pete Thamel

Where have we heard this name before...hmmmmmm, The same NY Times reporter who wrote the articles starting "Hostess gate" who many linked to Meyers

Bigdawg said...

Any thoughts on why Meyer and Florida decided to hold their news conference in New Orleans upon their arrival there for the Sugar Bowl game? I think they wanted to be sure that the spotlight is on them, and that everyone knows that it will be Meyer's (and not just Tebow's) last game at Florida (or at least it was going to be Meyer's last game
before he changed his mind). As always we all need to be reminded that it's all about Florida. The Univ of Cincinnati team just becomes a footnote to another occasion for celebrating Gator immortality.