Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Young lady, if you don't stop doing that, we've got a problem."

More details on hostesses and a deepening investigation of Vol recruiting. Sources in this New York Times story paint a picture of Orange Pride, the gracious and super friendly group of really nice Tennessee co-eds, as "aggressive and well-organized."

One father of a recruit said there was much touching between the women and the recruits -- and in his case, the dad -- and that the girls reduced the high school players "to blubbering idiots."


Oskie said...

"Never let it be said that the Expats have it in for Tennessee"

Hours to post the latest story about an inquiry (not labeled an investigation by the NCAA itself)at UT while ignoring confirmed violations at other SEC programs.

From the Clarion Ledger: "The Ole Miss football program has been flagged for five secondary violations over the past five months"

Peter from Georgia said...

C'mon Oskie, what do you want folks to do? CLK has pulled one WWE stunt after another for the past 6 months to put UT back on the front pages. Ok. He pulled it off and its real hard to look the other way when its one tabloid juice transgression after another in Knoxville.

If you have a problem with the unfair attention, then maybe its time to talk to your coach and AD.

Bud said...

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP)— "Tennessee football coach Lane Kiffin said he takes investigations of the school’s recruiting practices as a compliment."

There you have it.

Anonymous said...

The same blogger for the Times wrote the preveous article as well. The guy is doing a smear job of Kiffin and UT for Meyer. Kiffin has riled up Meyer and he has called in some favors.....The last article Thamel wrote had a number of alligations that have proven to be false. This newest article is most likely hyperbole as well.

Unknown said...

until the vols are reperesented on the Expats panel, it is beyaond evident the Expats di in fact have it in for UT

Oskie said...

C'mon Peter from Ga, maybe folks can read my post. The point of it wasn't SEC Expats posting about the inquiry at UT, but only posting about alleged violations at UT while ignoring multiple stories in the same week about confirmed violations at other SEC programs. It just makes the comment "Never let it be said that the Expats have it in for Tennessee" total hogwash.

And BigDawg, it's obvious that in his comment Kiffin was referring to adage that the wind blows stronger the higher up the flag pole you are.

Peter from Georgia said...

Oskie. I hear you and my response would be that CLK has embarked on a "hey, look at me/us" campaign for the past 9 months. Well, we are looking and it's a little disingenuous to demand that we stop when the train hops the track.

I don't think other coaches or programs, despite the violations, have tried to draw such scrutiny as UT.

Oskie said...
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Oskie said...

didn't write "Never let it be said that the Expats have it in for Tennessee", one of the mods here did.

Obviously Kiffin failing to use his turn signal while driving is a much bigger deal than a text book scam or nearly 30 arrests under one coach. I'd just like SEC Expats to quit claiming to be unbiased.

Anonymous said...

Oskie - I don't recall anyone on this blog claiming to be unbiassed. Gordon is a 'Bama guy, Bonnie is a Gator girl, RTR is a Misipi St guy, Cliff is an LSU guy. Tomlinson and Bigdawg are Georgia guys, I'm an Auburn guy. I'm guessing Peter from Georgia is a Bulldog guy too.

We all have our schools and we all shamelessly cheer for them. So actually, an "unbiassed" blog is the last thing I want to see. It's much more fun to point out to UT fnas that my War Eagle beat UT this year. AGAIN!

As for the "bias" against UT, I still don't see it. Lane uses national forums to air his grievances against Meyer (and pretty much the rest of the planet). The secondary violations at places like Misipi and Auburn were not really considered newsworthy on a national scale since they couldn't result in major probation, scholarship reductions or TV and/or bowl bans. Now if a player or official does something really stupid - taking up strip club visiting, for example - you can be sure the writers and commenters here will have plenty to say about it. Even if it isn't someone from UT.

tommy tomlinson said...

Oskie, it's GREAT that you think we have a UT conspiracy going on. Not that there actually IS one. But the idea that we could actually be accused of one makes us feel all grown-up and stuff.

Here's the facts. Our regular bloggers consist of one UGA guy (me), an Alabama guy, a Mississippi State guy, a couple of Auburn folks, a Florida gal and a couple of LSU people. Why is that? Because that's who we know. Everybody in the group either works for the Observer now or used to work with us. We just don't happen to have any UT people working with us right now. This is obviously a flaw in our affirmative-action progam.

We talked a lot before we started the blog about trying to get somebody from every school -- we were especially worried about UT and South Carolina -- and I seem to remember asking for volunteers early on. In the end, we went with what we had. As we finish up this year and make plans for the Expats going forward, we'd love to find a UT correspondent -- somebody who can write with humor, passion and perspective. Feel free to step up.

Having said all that, if you don't think how Kiffin is running the program is a story... c'mon, man.

-- Tommy T.

Oskie said...

Tommy, try reading what I wrote before typing something up. I never said the events at UT weren't a story and that's plainly obvious from what I wrote. I love how you jump to the conclusion about an alleged conspiracy when nothing like that was ever even implied. Nice work for a "journalist".

Someone else wrote "Never let it be said that the Expats have it in for Tennessee" and my point was that given that no mention has been made of confirmed violations at Auburn and Ole Miss that was load. And you can add to the list of ignored issues the termination of a coach at LSU for reportedly paying a recruit.

Before replying to this Tommy, how about you read it first for a change?

Bud said...

Hey Oskie. The Observer staff folks who are running this blog are doing a good job of speaking for themselves on the subject. But as for me I DEFINITELY HAVE IT IN FOR UT.

Bud said...

And never let it be said that I don't.