Thursday, December 3, 2009

Defining the decade

The name ring a bell, Auburn fans?
It's where everything began to unravel in 2003.

The folks over at the Dr. Saturday blog posted their top players of the '00s the other day. Go here for the list. (Hint: Tim Tebow is NOT No. 1 ... yet.)

This follows their earlier best-ofs, in the categories of Teams, Sleepers, Plays, Games, Villains, Innovations, Scandals* and Upsets. Go here to start reading those highlights.

* Special order of demerit goes to the SEC in this category, which has just 4 entries. Alabama, Arkansas and Auburn are 3 of them.

-- RTR


Anonymous said...

RTR - that was uncalled for. I had finally put that airplane coach recruiting trip out of my mind. And to bring that up so soon after the Iron Bowl. Thanks for kicking me while I'm down!

Some more irony: The brain-dead president and AD that recruited Petrino were doing their idiot moves while Auburn was going 8-5. And what will our record be if we win our bowl game? 8-5. And we'll be extremely happy with it.

Bigdawg said...

A footnote to the 10th best player on the list, WR Calvin Johnson of Georgia Tech: During his 3 years at Tech his offense scored 13 points, 7 points and 12 points against Georgia and his team lost all 3 games. I saw those games and I was not impressed with Mr. Johnson. But I guess that was back when the Dawgs still played defense.

Peter from Georgia said...
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Peter from Georgia said...

Do you think Reggie Ball at quarterback had anything to do with it, Big Dawg?

Bigdawg said...

Oh yeah, Reggie Ball. He was ACC rookie of the year in 2003 and seemed to get worse every year after that.