Friday, December 18, 2009

Let the record show . . .

. . . that fairness is the SEC Expats' middle name. With that in mind, the SEC F. Expats are happy to provide further context on Tennessee's continuing daytime drama of recruiting violations.

Two things we learn:
2. Blondes do have more fun (or get caught by camera in the act more often.)
3. Juwan James, the Atlanta suburban kid who decommitted from Alabama in part, he says, out of fear of the NCAA whip in the textbook scandal, sure knows how to pick his schools.



Bud said...

Hey MG, we now know that the UT "drill team" is called the "Orange Pride hostesses". Do you know the names of the "hostesses" at any of the other SEC schools?

Michael said...


Let me do some research. Short of actual facts, maybe we'll have an EXPAT naming contest.

Bud said...

I'm ready for the contest starting with the "Bulldawg Beauties".