Wednesday, December 16, 2009

" . . . It's a simple game. You throw the ball . . ."

Wonder why the SEC is so good? Check out the Associated Press' All-American team. Almost half of the players are from our schools. Alabama's six first-teamers are an all-time record.

Yes, the conference has become a shark tank of great coaches. Yes, we have the biggest television contract, the best TV slots, the prettiest girls, the best stadiums. But if you're making lists, have a peek at every credible recruiting ranking from the last three years. Florida, Alabama, LSU and Georgia will be among the Top 10. This year, Tennessee and Auburn have joined them.

So, yes, it is a simple game. Get great coaches who attract great players, then turn them loose on the world.

For the record: The Big 12 had 7 on the AP team. That gave them and the SEC 19 of the 25
spots. The national championship game between Texas and Alabama will feature 9.

Among those also receiving votes . . .
The ACC: 2.
The Big 10: 1.
The PAC 12: 1.

The remaining spots went to Notre Dame (where great recruiting classes leave to join the priesthood), Idaho and TCU.

The SEC breakdown:

Mark Ingram, running back.
Mike Johnson, guard.
Leigh Tiffin, kicker.
Terrence Cody, tackle.
Rolando McClain, linebacker.
Javier Arenas, cornerback.
Aaron Hernandez, tight end.
Joe Haden, cornerback.
South Carolina:
Eric Norwood, linebacker.
Eric Berry, safety.
Drew Butler, punter. (They have a outstanding long snappah, too.)



Anonymous said...

SEC and the big 12 south are where it is at yr after yr