Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Colin Cowherd on why the SEC is best

For starters, according to ESPN's morning radio host, we have the most passion, the best players and coaches, the best TV contract . . .

This we all know. But this morning, Cowherd also pointed to the SEC's bowl lineup.

Three weeks ago, Oregon State played for the PAC 10 championship and lost a riveting game to rival Oregon. Three weeks ago, defending national champion Florida fell to Alabama in the SEC Championship. That game wasn't close.

Yet compare the consolation prizes. Florida goes to a mammoth payout in the Sugar Bowl. Oregon State? They ended up in Las Vegas, playing in a 41,000-seat stadium, in miserable conditions, against BYU from the Mountain West. The Beavers lost their pelts.

Check out the comparative bowl trips for the rest of the PAC 10 vs. the SEC. The Left Coast crew should be embarrassed. The SEC takes care of its schools far better.

Cowherd, a Left Coast guy, put it this way. It's like inviting a girl out to a five-star restaurant and at the last minute not being able to get in. The SEC picks up the phone and immediately lands a great table in a four-star place. The PAC 10 tells its date: "Want to walk across the street to Der Wiener Schnitzel?"

So add this to the SEC's superiority: We really know how to treat our women.

Michael Gordon


Peter from Georgia said...

Please tell that to our UT fans

Anonymous said...

You also don't understand metaphors.