Thursday, December 24, 2009

Forbes' pick for most valuable SEC program: Guess who?

We'll start with a few hints:

SEC champion. 24-game regular-season winning streak. Heisman Trophy winner.

Am I boring you yet?

All these accomplishments apparently have monetary as well as intrinsic value. Or so says Forbes, which picks Alabama as the most valuable college football program in the SEC.

Texas takes the top prize, and their balance sheet is something straight off a "Dallas" rerun.

Money, however, doesn't bring you happiness. Too often, it brings you Albert Means.

And the last time I looked, the Longhorns and all their bucks were decided underdogs Jan. 7.

In other words: All hat, no cattle.

No crown, either. RTR.

-- Michael Gordon

(P.S., the SEC teams listed are: Alabama, 5th; Florida, 6th; LSU, 7th; Georgia, 9th; South Carolina, 12th; Tennessee, 13th; Auburn, 14th; and Arkansas, 17th.)


Anonymous said...

This blog blows.

Michael said...

The Expats hope that next year you find a better gift under your tree. There's already too much disappointment in the world.

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