Friday, December 4, 2009

Title game picks, plus "The Blind Side"

Before we get to the current Game of the Century, a few words about "The Blind Side" -- and what it teaches about the SEC.

I finally saw the movie Thursday night, and it ain't "Chinatown" but it's a lot better than I had hoped. (I'm assuming we're among friends here and I don't have to explain the story of Michael Oher.) If you've read Michael Lewis' book, you'll notice that the movie is fairly faithful; the one big exception was a made-up scene where Oher cleans house with a drug dealer and his thugs. Sandra Bullock was just fine, although as a blonde in high dudgeon, she started to look distressingly like Dennis Quaid in "Great Balls of Fire."

But here's the important part. As you've probably heard, several SEC coaches play themselves in the scenes where Oher was being recruited (I think this would be 2003 or '04). Here's the coaches and their schools:

Nick Saban, LSU
Tommy Tuberville, Auburn
Lou Holtz, South Carolina
Phil Fulmer, Tennessee
Houston Nutt, Arkansas
Ed Orgeron, Ole Miss

What's interesting about that list? None of those coaches are at those schools anymore. Tuberville, Holtz and Fulmer are out of the business; Saban's at Bama; Nutt's at Ole Miss; and Orgeron is off somewhere trying to communicate with his home planet.

The point: Enjoy your coaches now, Gators and Tide. Nothing is forever.

I want to pick Alabama in this game, and if I was in Vegas, I'd bet them with the spread. They're better on the ground, have more playmakers on defense, and Saban will have them boiling with desire after losing last year. But you know what? As much as it kills me to say it ... I believe in the Tebow. I think the Tebow will do what he has to. Short of a concussion or broken bone, he's not losing this game. Florida, 26-24.

-- Tommy Tomlinson

Note to Tommy, Quaid's the blond who burns pianos and wears more eyeliner. I hope that helps.

On the other hand, I want to pick Florida. Best all-around team. Great bunch of leaders. Funky offense that seems almost impossible to prepare for in a week, and, of course, there is HE WHO CANNOT GO UNNAMED.

But you know what, I'm tired of selling my own team short. Both teams will be playing their best opponents by far. Florida is certainly the favorite. But they'll earn every yard, and this year they fall a few yards short. Tide, 21-20.

-- Michael Gordon

There's been so many times when what was predicted to be an "epic defensive struggle" turns into a shootout. This time, UA ends up one big play bigger than UF. Alabama 38, Florida 31.

-- R. Trentham Roberts


Anonymous said...

Hey fatass....You could only hope for someone that looks like Sandra Bullock. Maybe you prefer the Dennis Quaid look. One cheap shot deserves another.

Bryan Fitzpatrick

Anonymous said...

Tebow has played with broken bones before (his Sophomore year at least) and so I'm guessing the only way to get him out of tomorrow's game is another concussion...

Go Gators!! Beat Bama...

Bigdawg said...

Hey Bryan ... you're stupid and your team sucks.

Anonymous said...

My turn:

I can analyze this game and remain unbiassed because I thoroughly despise both teams. It certainly appears to be the most evenly-matched game of the year. I look to the Iron Bowl for the difference-maker - the 'Bama backfield. And that's not a good thing for MG & Co. Yes, we were all lathered up for the rivalry game, but Auburn's linebacker corps is so pathetic that the 'Bama backs should have run roughshod over us all day. Florida's defense has just enough speed to neutralize the 'Bama backs, which will allow their offense to eke out just enough points against 'Bama's elite defense to make the difference. Gators 20, The Evil Empire 17

After the game, Saban is overheard wishing to Christ he doesn't get TCU in the Sugar Bowl. Urban is handed a Texas game film, which he goes to the hotel and watches. Afterward, he throws up, knowing his MEN are going to get anihilated by the 'Horns.

Peter from Georgia said...

J, your first sentence inspired me to come up with the perfect Auburn mantra, "I hate therefore I am!" My apologies to Descartes.

If what you write is true, it still will be one whale of a game regardless if TCU awaits the loser or the winner.

Bonnie Kunkel said...

I have been neglectful of my SEC Expat duties this season. It may be because I've gotten about 5 hours of sleep since my second daughter was born one month ago. At least my 2 year old can say "Go Gators" and do the chomp.

Today's game will be a thriller, no doubt. Whichever team wins will be national champion. After watching the Iron Bowl, I really like Florida's chances v Alabama. But, as we all know, there are no guaranteed wins in the SEC. Anything can happen in any given game.

So, to my friend Mike Gordon I say good luck. You'll need it. And if you thought the Auburn game was a three hour stomach ache.. get the Mylanta ready for this one!

Florida 21, Alabama 13

Peter from Georgia said...

Bonnie, you must be just a tad rusty.

Anonymous said...

Peter from Georgia - I can live with that mantra. :-)

Obviously I was very wrong on my prediction. But over the weekend I remembered that I commented on this blog after the 'Bama-Tennessee game that 'Bama was going to win the national championship, becuase in addition to having talent, they were getting all the breaks. So if I had any consistency about me, I would have predicted 'Bama to win.