Tuesday, January 11, 2011

As The Hat turns: Les Miles returning to LSU

Word is breaking out all over this morning that the grass in Michigan doesn't necessarily taste better for Les Miles after all.

The LSU coach, who spent a roller-coaster year on the bayou, apparently will stay in Baton Rouge. The announcement comes after Miles sent out more hints than a 16-year-old without a prom date that he would return to his alma mater if offered the job.

LSU went 11-2 under Miles this year, then body-slammed Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl. The Tigers are one of the favorites for the 2011 SEC crown, automatically putting them in the BCS conversation as the SEC goes after its sixth national championship in a row.

Fear the thumb! Fear the Hat?



Anonymous said...

Just another piece of evidence that trying to figure Miles out is a futile business. As vicious as the SEC is, I was kinda hoping he would go so we could get a leg up on LSU next year. Oh, well.

Michael said...

Given how quickly Michigan turned to Hoke, one of two things happened.

1. Michigan really wanted Les but had Hoke in the wings.

2. Michigan, knowing that Hoke is not a household name, paid lip service to its better-known alum to hold down criticism of the hire. The Lloyd Carr faction blocked Les last time. Wouldn't surprise me if it preferred Hoke this go-around.

Guy can coach, and he's so much the better fit than RichRod.

LSU may be scary next year.