Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crystal clear


Anonymous said...

My thoughts on the game and the MG blog:

-Nice of you to think of me when Newton overthrew Adams. But instead of Maalox, I grabbed my chest. Just knew I was going to have a heart attack. Had been on the Maalox since the first quarter.

-Nice to see an officiating crew that calls penalties when penalties actually occur (as opposed to the phantom foul Fairley got flagged for in the barbeque pit on 11/26).

-Speaking of Fairley, hell yes, put him in Carolina blue. Turn us into the Raiders; I don't care as long as we can win games.

-Is it just me, or is listening to Brent Mouth-burger one of the most torturous activities a man can endure? Forget the rack; send Mouth-burger to the Middle East. Make prisoners listen to his blathering until they confess. I guarantee it won't take long.

-I was glad we kicked the field goal. Since this is my favorite team we're talking about, if Cam tried to run it in he would have fumbled and some Duck would run it 100 yards the other way. Not that I'm skeptical or jaded or anything.

-Much respect to MG for his fair treatment of AU this year. I feel your pain - remember, the roles were exactly reversed last year. Of course I do have to remind you that back in August you emailed me that the Expats blog was posting new content and pledged to me "we're still going to kick your ass." Better luck next year. :-)

Now I can die in peace. WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

pstonge said...

I'm going to second J on Mike's blog. Terrific, fun read.

Also, you SEC folk out there should know that Mike called me after the game to offer congratulations. Very classy.

And now, when he stands at the Gate, and St. Peter starts to look for his file, all he has to do is point to his Alabama hat, say "I called to congratulate an Auburn fan after the 2011 BCS title game..." and he'll get waved through.

War Eagle.


Michael said...

Unless, as many of us expect, St. Peter pulls for The Tide.

Anonymous said...

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