Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is Fairley dirty? Not so, say his coaches

Oregon's quarterback picked up the mantra that has been chanted across the SEC this year: Auburn's Nick Fairley is cheap-shotting thug.

Auburn coach Gene Chizik defends his star lineman this way: If you can't block 'em, slander 'em.


CRiS said...

"He plays within the defense and one thing we know is that he plays hard. If there's something wrong with playing hard, you shouldn't be playing football."

Officials can watch him all they want, but I hope they keep their calls clean and real. Calling penalties out of spite has no place. WDE.

Anonymous said...

CRiS - did you watch the Iron Bowl? Fairley got called for unsportsmanlike conduct for absolutely no bloody reason during the Tide's 24-0 opening. The Ducks are banking on having feeble, small-minded officials that can be influenced by Jedi Mind Tricks on the field. ("Oh, gee, the Oregon players said this guy was dirty. Wasn't that what they meant? OK, I'll throw the flag.) Let's hope these are officials who will call the game right.