Friday, January 7, 2011

SEC this and that . . .

While we await our invitation to the Hunter-Edwards wedding . . .

Georgia AD says everything must improve
Interesting Q&A with Georgia AD Greg McGarity on the state of the Dawg program. McGarity, still new to his own job, voices support for embattled coach Mark Richt, but acknowledges that the fan base is 50-50, and that improvements in all areas must be made. Punch here

But the heat on Richt is rising. When Georgia lost two members of its "Dream Team" recruits to Auburn and Alabama this week, Mark Bradley of the AJC wrote this.

Tide losing Dareus
Marcel Dareus, whose junior year was shortened by suspension and slowed by injury, is leaving Alabama for the NFL draft. The MVP from the national championship game started to find his game late in the season. He played well against Auburn, then shredded what was supposed to be one of the Big 10's best offensive lines in Alabama's bowl blowout against Michigan State. After that last performance, his departure was considered a given. He is projected to be a Top 10 pick. Who's next for the Tide? ESPN says Mark Ingram is also leaving. Most Tide insiders now says Julio Jones, Alabama's best all-around player, is leaning that way too.

Out of Luck, but plenty of SEC
Andrew Luck's decision to stick around Palo Alto blasts the Panthers' best-laid draft plans all the way to Cramerton. Who's next on the list? The Observer's picks are SEC-laden to say the least: Nick Fairley of Auburn; A.J. Green of Georgia; Patrick Peterson of LSU and Cam Newton of Auburn. One thinks Ryan Mallett will soon be added. Though he looked shaky at times against Ohio State's pass rush, Mallett made some throws in the Sugar Bowl that would have wowed a Manning. Analyst Phil Sims said the other morning on FNZ that Mallett throws the best ball in college football, better even than Luck.

Come again, Pat Forde?

Not sure what to make about this . . . but in the days before his team takes the field against Oregon, Auburn coach Gene Chizik has been answering numerous questions about his players' eligibility. Chizik said the Tigers, once again, are "all in." But the questions have persisted.

So check out these recent comments of ESPN columnist and reporter Pat Forde to Jim Rome. Forde, who did yeoman work on the Cam Newton scandal, seems to be saying that Auburn successfully appealed the grades of players to keep them eligible for Oregon. He didn't offer proof. He didn't offer details. Yet he referred to a growing belief that Auburn will do everything it takes to put its best team on the field.

Very odd comments by a veteran reporter, particularly when he offers no corroboration whatsoever. See for yourself.

Friday Night Lights
LSU, 35, A&M, 30


Anonymous said...

"Yet he referred to a growing belief that Auburn will do everything it takes to put its best team on the field."

What a scoop! He has discovered that Auburn is the ONLY school of the thousands in the NCAA that would do such a thing. Auburn is evil! They are all demons!

Why was no one in the media openly, unprofessionally, and obviously rooting for Ar-Kansas in the same way they are doing for Oregon? Why was the venom so much lighter and short-lived?

As for tonight's game, I'll openly admit I'm picking with my heart. I want LSU to dismantle A&M and I want Miles to bolt for Ann Arbor

The Other, Lesser Tigers 31, A&M 21

Bama Brother said...

The other day I saw Oregon flags flying from an SUV with an Alabama tag. The flags looked new, and my hunch is the driver of the van had ordered them simply because he or she is an Auburn hater.
Appropos of which, here is a little facebook exchange that took place today between a judge here in Birmingham and his friend Jay. The subject: What else.

The judge: As a big Bama fan, I'm rooting for the Tigers to uphold the honor of the conference by ripping into some ducks so bad only a few feathers remain. Don't worry Jay -- the Tide will be there again next year!

Jay - I just can't root for a rival. And I heard and saw so many AU fans saying Hook Em Horns before the game last year and crowing about us losing to SC and LSU this year, it makes my decision that much easier.

The judge: BTW, what will you do to celebrate "Cam Newton Day?"

Jay: Prolly steal some laptops and cheat on some tests.

Michael said...

Bro, J: The interesting thing . . . and it may be worth its own post, is how will the other SEC teams align in the championship game.

Maybe I'm being a little naive -- and I'm sure St. Onge will tell me if I am -- but I didn't detect near the divisiveness surrounding the Alabama team last year.

The Chizikians seem to be much more of a lightning rod, and I have found a lot more SEC brethren announcing they will be openly cheering against them.


Bama Brother said...

For what it is worth, here is a bit posted Jan. 8 by Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Speaking of quarterbacks that declared for the 2011 draft: does anyone else see a little Ryan Leaf in Arkansas QB Ryan Mallet? I don't know what it is about the kid ... but something just tells me NFL scouts will be inspecting Mallet closely for signs of the Knucklehead Factor.