Saturday, January 8, 2011

A bit of almost fatherly advice to Texas A&M: Know your place, and stay there

For the second time this bowl season, an SEC West team that had trouble scoring was made to look like a bullet train by a bowl opponent.

First it Mississippi State, which left once-proud Michigan covered in Maroon bruises and went Kevorkian on Rich Rodriguez' ill-fated stay in Ann Arbor.

Friday night in the Cotton Bowl, it was LSU's turn to swig from the juggernaut potion, courtesy of Texas A&M, which flirted with joining the SEC last year.

The beatdown brought this response from the Dallas Morning News.

Now the Les Miles watch resumes, with at least one media report out of Baton Rouge alleging a deal with Michigan is already done.



Anonymous said...

I guess they dont cheat good enough in the Big12

Michael said...

Naw, Oklahoma and the Texas schools have long been paragons of virtue.