Monday, January 3, 2011

"The winner of the 2011 Oscar for short-form documentary is . . . "

As the state of Alabama prepares to once again play the sun in the college fooball solar system, the University of Alabama family wishes its Auburn relations well, or in words Tiger Nation can truly take to heart: "Keep it down home, cuz!"

We're talking about the BCS trophy, of course, which, if its buses arrive at the stadium by halftime, Auburn should win -- the SEC's fifth straight title.

In the meantime, we'll have this to keep us warm until spring practice.


Roll Tide


Anonymous said...

I really thought it was a physical impossibility to ever root for 'Bama under any circumstance, believing if I ever said "Roll Tide" out loud I would spontaneously combust. But I convinced myself to root for them for the good of the SEC. Of course 'Bama could have played 7-on-11 and still won.

Did you hear what Jim Rome said on his last show of 2010? In reviewing the top stories of the year, he regurgitated the tired old "Auburn is going to have to forfeit everything and will be put on 20 years probation because Auburn and Cam Newton are guilty of every sin of man since the Garden of Eden" crap. And he topped it off with this gem. "But on January 10, Oregon is going to beat them, so it doesn't matter anyway."

I am not as confident as Gordon ("destined" is way too strong), but I'm confident enough to believe Jim Rome is on crack. I do expect us to win.

Michael said...

Let's ut it this way, my paranoid Plainser.

Given that Oregon and Auburn will spend as much time between ballgames as Robinson Crusoe did between trips home, the Game of all Games tends to be a ragged affair.

Who has a better chance of winning ugly Jan. 10?

Like I said.