Monday, January 10, 2011

Instead of the 'Hail Mary,' let's call the Regional Stereotypes play!

Bill Plaske of the L.A. Times, who pulls more chains than a tow truck, takes a death grip on the SEC is this Ode to Pac 12 superiority.

If you pull for Auburn, have a cool compress ready. If you're an SEC fan hoping for Auburn's demise in tonight's BCS Championship Game, Plaske's comments about the SEC may have you reconsidering your pick. Or maybe not.

Decide for yourself.



Anonymous said...

MG, no cool compress needed. This guy is just another California butt-head that thinks being from California makes him a superior life form to anyone from east of the Misipi and south of the M-D line. This is easily dismissed as self-righteous bloviating - or wishful thinking from a self-righteous blow-hard who can't stand the idea that some inferior life forms might beat the Superior West Coast people.


So I don't need a cool compress. I do need several bottles of Maalox, because I expect the game to be close.